Mechanical design and drafting using SolidWorks ​Premium​​​​​​
Welcome to the Update Design Services homepage!

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and servicing the Greater Toronto area doing mechanical design and drafting.

Update offers a range of services from single part drawings, to complete system assemblies and the associated documentation.

Past projects have included patent drawings, prototype design and build, as-built building layouts with new enhanced equipment added, and collaboration with machining, fabrication and prototyping shops. I have an in-house 3D printer. Customer on-site work can be done using  my portable computers.

One of my favourite projects was featured on the front cover of Design Product News.

This 3D laser surveying scanner was mechanically designed from scratch and detailed here at Update Design Services.

It was stress checked and modeled  and drafted using SolidWorks Premium.  This software also generated the realistic images on the magazine cover and shown below.

Developed here in Canada in conjunction with an IRAP-NRC  grant to
the customer Geosight.

These units are currently in service worldwide, in the underground mining industry. It was designed to operate in a very harsh environment.

The photo below can also be seen on the website.

The scanner was still working after having rocks fall onto it!