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JPEG image of paper feed system

modeled and detailed in SolidWorks. This unit drives  and aligns paper through a scoring machine. The driven rollers are linked by belts and mounted on an offset, shallow angle.


Welcome to the Update Design Services Home Page.

We work with clients to produce mechanical designs using SolidWorks Office Premium software as the main design tool.

Please have a look at the various pages for work samples and a description of the type of design work that has been undertaken.

Some of the projects are specialty prototype trial developments and “what if” type projects. These are tackled on a best efforts basis. Update also works on IRAP funded projects.

We have produced patent drawings suitable for inclusion in applications, based on stylistic 3D models.

Often work is done for busy clients who just need small projects done on an overload basis. Like field measuring jobs and camping out with a laptop at your jobsite, to assist your in-house people.


To contact us: (905) 302-2342 Cellular


905-302-2342 cell


JPEG image of a clamping system

modeled and detailed in SolidWorks. This unit is slotted to allow for final adjustment and doweling at assembly.